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Active Members
Active members shall consist of individuals actively involved in credentialing, privileging, practitioner or provider organizations and/or regulatory compliance in the healthcare industry.

Affiliate Members
Affiliate members shall consist of former active members who no longer meet the criteria for active membership and other professionals in associated industries who do not meet the criteria for active membership. This includes full time students enrolled in a health related field and retired persons from the credentialing profession.
*AHLA Members should choose to join NAMSS as Affiliate Members

Vendor Members
Vendor members shall consist of individuals, companies, or organizations that regularly distribute, supply, or sell products or services to NAMSS members or their employers that directly compete with NAMSS’ products and services. Vendor Membership is purchased on an individual basis for individuals of a vendor company.

NAMSS Membership Justification Letter: Need to request dues funding from your supervisor or facility? Click here to print out a customizable Membership Justification Letter. 

All Prospective Members: If you are joining as a new Active Member between January - June, your membership will last until the end of the current calendar year. If you are joining from July - December, your membership will last until the end of the following calendar year. Example:

Join Month
Membership Effective
Membership Expires
January-June 2016
January 1, 2016
December 31, 2016
July-December 2016
July 1, 2016
December 31, 2017